Daryoush Zandi

was born in 1962 in a middle class family in Tehran IRAN. He is an Iranian artist who lives in Germany since 1987. He grew up in a society that was influenced by islamic rules.

The Art was not necessarily highly esteemed and respected. On the contrary, Art was demonized as an Act of Devil.

In 1984 he left his homeland not only because of Art but also because of lack of prospects, lack of freedom, War and death, like millions of People who had escaped repression. His parents and siblings left the country after him.

He is a film editor, musician and photographer and has a penchant for painting.

He has no artistic education, but a deep affinity with the Art, so that he couldn't imagine a life without it and he shares the conviction that there is an artist in every person who is waiting to be discovered. After a long delay, he finally started painting his sketches on canvas in 2016. You can see a selection of his Works on this pages.